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Technical Cooperation&Investment 

Technical Cooperation&Investment
As the business development, our company now use the technological advantage and R &D strength to provide best service for customers and socity. We ’d like to establish partnership with businesses around the globe on the matter of technical cooperation & investment. The main contents include pump technology and crushing plant, just as follows:

1. Pump technology main include slurry pump and sewage pump. 
    1.1 Slurry pump technology
    Main feature: long service life period of quick-wear parts, high efficiency, complete typen-programm, general component, high interchangeability, up-to-date improvement, etc.
consists of two series. The first series is T series property slurry pump, which mainly follows Warman’s design concept & pump typen-programm. It has the main feature of single-arm, double casing structure, grease lubrication, the wet parts adopt alloy& natural rubber.
The second series is specific to the problems of T series in application ,and then improved to be H series. For example, the frame use oil forced feed lubricating, can be operate in hot environment and other hostile environment, avoid heating phenomenon of bearings, make up the shortage of T series. These two series pump are widely used in China. They’re high efficiency(It’s 2% than the company of the world famous), long service life period(It’s 20% than the company of the world famous), mature technology, reliable performance,etc. Welcome to visit our company.

    1.2 Centrifugal pump K series.
    It’s the improved and the latest generation of centrifugal pump, mainly based on the technology of Germany KWP series, largely increased the efficiency, convenient in maintance .

2. Crusher.
    Our holding company( Luoyang Yuannai Machinery Co.,Ltd)own advanced technology of crushers. Advantages: high efficiency, secure and stable in performance of this equipment, long service life period of quick-wear parts, low operating costs, etc. 

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