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R&D(Reseach and design)

Tech-macro introduced much advanced international technology, then through the absorption and self-innovation of years, we designed and developed many brand new world-advanced products.

The products are adopted with module design. We use advanced means of CFD and CAE software to analyze and design the pump products. The pumps own the features like high efficiency, strong flow capacity, long service life, good ability of NPSH, stable performance and complete characteristic curves, which already won a lot of praises from customers.

We also gained many achievements in Material field. We developed complete line of anti-wear and anti-corrosion materials suitable for the various operating conditions. And we committed to the development and application of new materials (For example, the application of ceramic materials has been applied for a patent by us).

1.Application of CFD in Hydraulic Modeling Design

Distribution of Static Pressure on                                            Distribution of Static Pressure on Impeller

Pump Casing and Impeller Vanes

          2. Application of Stress Analysis Method in Structure Design


3-Dimensional Model

         3. Application of CAE software in Casting Process

    CAE Casting  Process Analysis System is the important means to analyze and optimize the casting technology; it is based on the Numerical Simulation Technology in the filling process and solidification process, and analyze the foundry process. We can decrease the rejection rate, improve the yield of quality products, shorten the trial-production period and cut the cost.

    Tech-macro had optimized the foundry process of main  castings like pump casings, impellers of dredging pump, FGD pump, which decreases the shrinkage and holes, lower the consumption for the risers, raise the quality of castings and the yield of quality products.

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