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In the process of drilling mud pump takes note
Mud pump is in the process of drilling, the drilling mud or water transport fluid machinery. Mud pump is an important component of drilling machinery and equipment. Its main role is in the process of drilling mud into the hole with the drill bit, play a bit cool, clean drilling, fixing the wall, drive drilling and cuttings back to the surface after drilling action. In a typical cycle of positive drilling, mud is surface water flushing medium ─ ﹑ mud or polymer fluid at a certain pressure, through the high-pressure hose taps and drill column center ﹑ direct-hole at the bottom of the drill bit in order to achieve cooling the cutting down ﹑ drill cuttings removed and transported to the surface of the object. Commonly used mud pump piston or plunger type of pump driven from a prime mover rotation of the crankshaft, the crankshaft through the crosshead and then driven piston or plunger reciprocating in the pump cylinder. In the suction and discharge valves alternately role in achieving the object of the nip of the circulating fluid. Mud pump is a pump in one of its two main performance parameter is the displacement and pressure, exhaust emissions are a number of liters per minute, since the bottom of the hole and the hole diameter and its fluid required back to the speed that the larger the aperture, the greater the displacement required. Requirements on the back flushing fluid velocity able to drill cuttings cutting down ﹑ rock powder washed from the hole bottom timely and reliably carried to the surface. When the geological core drilling, the general rate of return at 0.4 to 1 m / min or so. The mud pump pressure depends on the size of the depth of the borehole, the fluid resistance through the channel and the fluid nature of the transmission and the like. Deeper drilling, the larger the pipeline resistance, the higher the pressure required. With the change of the depth of the hole diameter ﹑ require displacement of the pump can be adjusted at any time. With a pump mechanism in the gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust its speed in order to change the displacement of the object. Finally, in order to accurately grasp the change in pump pressure and displacement can be in the mud pump pressure gauges and flow meters to be installed, ready to make drilling personnel to understand the functioning of the pump, but by pressure changes to determine whether the normal situation bore holes prevent in the accident.
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