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When the work of Mud pump check pump main shaft
After the mud pump fixed work site, you should first check the prime mover shaft and the pump shaft are on the same axis, if that is coaxial shall make precise adjustments. Road access to water pump bearing support should avoid the line of gravity applied to the pump. Packing chamber assembly in the absence of high-pressure water protection situation will soon wear. Mud pump packing room must be injected into the high-pressure water while working to protect the seal assembly. In normal operation the main pump high-pressure water pump can not be closed. Pump mud pump suction performance table refers to the anti-cavitation characteristics of the pump under water at room temperature conditions. Pumping sediment should work as much as possible so that the pump inlet pressure is positive. Response when replacing the impeller, linings and other wearing parts clearance between the impeller and the front liner adjustment, impeller and liner axial size of the gap has a greater impact on pump performance and service life. Please right amount of mud pump bearing grease filling portion. Mud pump water pressure should be greater than the working pressure. Piping installation should pump inlet flange extending outwardly and immediately do the bracing. Pump abnormal vibration at work, noise and bearing temperature is too high, that is down to check. When sediment containing large solids lift pump flow will be affected, to deal with the situation when the media selection to be considered.
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