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Centrifugal slurry pump wear problems caused by the impact of the economic efficiency
Centrifugal slurry pump is a centrifugal pump, which is the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the pump impeller, the design principle of a mixed medium of water energy of the liquid and solid particles increases, a device with an ordinary centrifugal slurry centrifugal pump design principle is basically the same. But transportation is a mixed slurry pump fluid liquids and solids, the working medium is no longer just a simple way fluid. From this point of view, its design principle and differ from ordinary centrifugal pump design methods. At this stage, look at the domestic traditional slurry pump design is mostly a one-way flow theory based on experience design. This design approach designed slurry pump seal leakage is serious, work efficiency is not high, the flow part of abrasion resistance is poor, use a short time. On the current situation, centrifugal slurry present in the work of the two problems need to be resolved, namely: The first question is part of the flow of slurry pump parts wear problems. The second problem is the low efficiency of the centrifugal slurry pump problems. Because of the centrifugal slurry pump some parts can lead to loss of work materials, while also causing a series of indirect consequences, such as security issues, life issues and so on. Economic efficiency resulting slurry pump can not be fully reflected. Main features: (1) affect the efficiency of slurry pump. Since the blade centrifugal slurry is constantly rotated during the generation of each other and the gap pump wear, so that the space within the smaller slurry pump, slurry pump wear due to the increased transport belt, the emergence of potholes hemp phenomenon point, seriously affecting work efficiency centrifugal slurry pump; (2) increase the maintenance time. Since the slurry pump wear in the growing, routine maintenance can not guarantee the normal operation of the slurry pumps, making maintenance significantly increased the number and the time will gradually lengthen maintenance work; (3) affect the operating results of slurry pump. We know that when the contact surface of the solid-water slurry mixture within the centrifugal slurry during operation of the transmission and a strong friction, the formation of many tiny pits like the pits, so that the pump body and the emergence of unstable rotation huge noise, causing the occurrence of particles impact slurry pump vanes produce wear and tear, it may become severe erosion, shorten centrifugal slurry seal mechanical axis and the use of time, affecting the operating results of slurry pump.
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