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Vertical slurry pump how to properly install anchor bolts
Before using vertical slurry pumps to be installed correctly, the following will explain once your grout anchor bolt installation methods: 1. Before you install: the main tool should prepare slurry pump installation bolt 2, a grout anchor bolt installation method (1) stand ready to adjust the center line, looking straight bolt instrument. Specifications bolt size (mm) live anchor bolts (mm) Indyk Slurry Pump Group anchor bolt installation Note: The bolt length L to determine the size of the depth of the anchor plate W, the depth of the anchor plate press computing installation. Live bolt anchor plate when the specifications (mm) Mounting bolt main tool commonly used to find the centerline adjustment bolt straight frame (2) Check the mounting bracket and bolt. Holder in advance on the basis of good standing, not allowed to have loose phenomenon; should match fixing bolts and beam configuration and elevation drawings, Xinzhou vertical slurry pumps, and should be kept level, can be used to check the meter. Anchor bolts should be cleaned, the top bolt should be drilled central hole, and check whether the bolt upright, the thread is intact. Not straight to correct, nuts are screwed examination. (3) welding bolt holder. Heavenly pump according to the pattern on the plate is anchored draw plate dimension line position (center bolt to date); the angles and the fixing plate welded together, and then check the size. (4) Install wire rack. Slurry pumps when installing anchor bolts, in order to identify the position of the center of the bolt, and the ground level of verticality, slurry, usually linked to a wire as the center line, the use of line and falling steel ruler and so come to positive . Online wire ends hanging shelves, hanging on the end of the hammer to straighten the wires. In operation, the bobbin should be segmented according to the length of welding equipment foundation, in order to avoid long lines hanging, fall line instability, will be knocked accidentally hung or partial hit. Hanging wires must cross it, "the center line regulator" move to avoid being hit.
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