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Several problems in the design of slurry pump
Hydraulic design and structural design considerations wear and a hydraulic performance issues: In order to reduce wear and tear, should the flow velocity of the rotating member and the fluid is kept sufficiently low, hard alloy liner or elastomeric pump lubricating material section thickness should be increased to meet the needs of the actual operation. Generally radial impeller approximately rectangular cross-section, and in the vertical plane with the front sealing area to reduce axial rotation of the pump casing is generally designed to be annular or semi-spiral, so as to maintain a small wear in a wide range near the maximum efficiency point the amount. When you need to transport large solid particles, built closed impeller width usually larger, the number of blades is reduced to 2-3 tablets under the premise of improving the wear of the pump, the pump's hydraulic performance will be significantly lower. In order to have a minimum amount of wear of the pump at different flow operating range for maximum efficiency, the slurry pump volute structure from the spiral volute to semi-spiral volute, volute and OB then ring type structure. Type impeller radially RV type rectangular cross-section, and radially twisted blades of rectangular cross-section is rounded ME type, and the most common type of HE. Different combinations of impeller and volute having different hydraulic performance and wear characteristics. General are: 1.HE / T in combination with good hydraulic performance, but the wear performance is poor; 2.ME/C combination with good hydraulic performance and wear performance; 3.A different combinations or OB type volute and impeller can be worn for more serious occasions. b material problems: slurry pump impeller and volute material, elastic material such as rubber, neoprene, polyurethane resins, etc., are generally used for the impeller exit velocity less than 23m / s the case, this can increase the effective vapor pump margin erosion. c. mechanical design (shaft, bearings, seals, pump, etc.) Shafts and bearings must have a higher strength and stiffness as well as reliability. Impeller trapezoidal screw connection generally able to withstand heavy loads, used in case of heavy load plain thrust bearings, ball bearings and generally used in light load conditions. Slurry without radial seal, so allow shaft skewness larger than normal pumps, it would limit the stuffing box and mechanical seal life. So generally use shorter axis, allowing the skewness is small, can improve the life of the stuffing box. General shall seal cavity injection high-pressure water to dilute the material to extend the life of the pump; If you can not dilute the material can be used to launch seal, typically used in single-stage slurry pump, but the efficiency will be 3% reduce. Mechanical seals commonly used partial equilibrium structure, this time can be cooled by delivery fluid; pump may idle occur in some cases, must now double mechanical seal. In light load conditions, the use of general mechanical seals; under heavy load conditions, you must use a special mechanical seal. The general strength of the pump casing made of elastic material may be too small to withstand greater pressure load, so it should add a layer of casing, known as double-walled structure, material generally used in hard metal, rubber or polyurethane resin. For large pumps, taking into account the size and cost limitations, you can use the bolt fastening structure. d. Effect of solid particles of a centrifugal pump Slurry pump flow - lift curve more gentle, and pipeline flow resistance loss increases with the increase in traffic and slow, and the angle between the pipeline characteristic curve performance curve is very small, so that the head of a small change will cause a substantial change in flow. Slurry pump wear is generally very serious, sometimes life is only part of the month. So with the right materials is a key factor in the design of the pump. Mainly due to sliding wear particle erosion and impact.
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