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What is the role of vice impeller of slurry pump
But deputy impeller sealing effect, can also serve to reduce the axial force, the axial force is mainly composed by the liquid pressure differential forces on the impeller rotation and gravity of the entire portion of the mud pump, two a direction of action of the force is the same force is added by two forces together. It can be seen in exactly the same performance parameters, mud pump axial force is larger than the average horizontal pumps, and balance difficult than the vertical pump harder. So in the submersible sewage pump, the bearings are also easy to damage its causes axial force has a great relationship. If the installation Vice impeller, the liquid acting on the direction of the pressure differential vice impeller forces with the two opposing forces together, which can offset part of the axial force, also played a role in extending bearing life. But using vice impeller seal system also has a drawback, that is in the sub impeller part of the energy is consumed, usually around 3%, but as long as the rational design, can reduce this part of the loss to a minimum. In a typical mud pump, the power always increased with increasing flow, that is, the power curve with the flow rate is increased with a curve, which the use of the pump creates a problem: when the pump design point run, generally speaking, the pump motor power is less than the rated power, the use of this pump is safe; but when the pump head decreases, the flow will increase (from the pump performance curve can be seen), and power also increases. When the traffic flow exceeds the design operating point and to reach a certain value, the pump motor input power may exceed the rated power and cause motor overload and burned. Motor overload protection system running either the pump stops operation; or burn the motor protection system failure. Pump head lower than the design conditions point lift for use in practice is often encountered, a situation is when the pump selection, mud pump head selected too high, but the actual use is to lower the pump lift used; the other case is in use the pump to determine the operating point is not very good, in other words the pump flow require frequent adjustment; also the case that the pump needs often change locations to use. Three cases were unfamiliar overload may affect the pump using the pump reliability.
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