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[1] Description:
The SP/SPR heavy duty cantilevered sump pumps are vertical and centrifugal slurry pumps, which are suited for handling abrasive or corrosive, high density slurry with large particle size solids.
Typical Application:
    Sewage Disposal
    Agricultural field irrigation
    Flue Gas Desulphurization in thermal power plant
    Mine and metallurgy
    Chemical industry and pollution discharge
    Other industries like municipal project, coal and building materials,etc.

[2] Features:
     Rational construction; easy maintenance; stable performance; reliability and durability.
     Guide bearing is added on this pump to make its operation more stable and flushing water should be fixed at the position of guide bearing.
     All parts of SPR pump immersed in liquid are equipped with rubber liner, which is suitable for delivering the non-edge abrasive slurry. Wet parts of the SP pump are made of abrasion-resistant metal.
     The “L” type extended shaft series SP pump is suitable for deeper level condition.
     The pump head need to be submerged in the water when working.
     The pump has no need for shaft seal or sealing water.
     The pump can be driven by belt or coupling directly. 
     The gap between the impeller and the back liner can be adjusted to ensure the pump working efficiently.

[3] Operating Limits
    Discharge diameter: 40~300 mm
    Flow Capacity: 17~1260 m3/h
    Head: 4~40 m
[4] Materials:
    Wear-resistant metal: A61, A05, A07, A11, A01
    Anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive metal: A49, A33
    Anti- abrasive metal: A22, A23, A25
    Other optional metals or alloys: Duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, nickel cast iron, brass, bronze, etc.
    Anti-corrosive, anti-corrosive rubber: natural rubber(R26, R24, R55......); Synthetic rubber(S01, S12, S21, S42......)
(Note: The materials could be changed according to the customer’s requirements. )

[5] Selection chart:

Note: Approximate clear water performance of the pump, only for quick selection.

[6] Structure:


Note: Type SP is all metal for abrasive duty.
           Type SPR is elastomer protected for acid or abrasive duty.

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