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[1] Description:
Type TL(R) FGD pump is a single-stage single-suction double-casing horizontal centrifugal pump. This type of pump has features of large flow capacity, low head and high efficiency.
Typical Application: The circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances.

[2] Features:
     Simple structure; long service life; easy maintenance; low operating cost and long life of quick-wear parts.
     The position of the impeller can be changed by adjusting bearing assembly and the pump unit can be in high efficiency operation state.
     The wet parts are designed with advanced CFD(computional fluid dynamics )Flowing Simulating Analysis Techniques to ensure the reliable and efficient working. 
     Double-row tapered roller bearing is fixed at the pump end and the cylindrical roller bearing is equipped at the driving end.The bearing is lubricated by diluted oil. 
     Mechanical sealing is adopted integrating mechanical sealing which is specialized in FGD technology to ensure its operation.
     The bearing layer and the abrasive resistant layer can be separated.
     The outlet of the pump is vertical.The pump runs clockwise in view of the drive end.
     X-type frame can save the space largely. And the pump adopts drive mode of direct connection(DC).

[3] Operating Limits
     Discharge Diameter:350--1000 mm 
     Flow Capacity:930--17650 m3/h 
     Head:10--75 m

[4] Materials:
  The pump adopts separable double structure (bearing layer and abrasion resistant layer), the bearing layer (frame plate, cover plate, joint plate) can adopt ductile cast iron;
  Impeller, suction cover/ front liner is A49, which is abrasion & corrosion resistance material.
  Frame plate liner and cover plate liner, back liner adopt natural rubber
  Liner:Anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive rubber(natural rubber R26, R38, R66........,synthetic neoprene rubber N22.....)
(Note: The materials could be changed according to the customer’s requirements. )

[5] Selection chart:

Note: Approximate clear water performance and only used for quick selection.

[6] Structure:

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