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[1] Description:

Type M(R) slurry pump is designed for transporting liquid containing suspended solid particles, or the high hardness, strong corrosive and high density slurry.

    Typical Application:

    ·          Iron, cooper or phosphorus mineral processing

    ·          Cyclone feeding

    ·          Removing ash in power plant

    ·          Flue gas desphurization in power plant

    ·          Flushing steel mill blast furnace cinder

    ·          Removing ash in power plant

    ·          Ball grinding mill ore discharging

    ·          Other wear-resistant and anti-corrosive working conditions

[2] Features:

     ·        High efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, interchangeability of parts; excellent hydraulic model.

    ·        Replaceable wear-resistant metal or rubber liners, impellers&volute liners are made of wear-resistant materials(such as A05, A49,and other high chrome metal or rubber). 

    ·        Bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, adjusting the space between impeller& front liner easily, being removed completely when being repaired. Grease lubrication.

     ·         The impeller can be 2--6 blades ones, making the pump more effective. And the pump can achieve in excess of 87% in the best efficiency area,

     ·        Shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. One pump also can be use packing seal with expeller seal together.

     ·        The discharge outlet can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any 8 positions to suit installations and applications.

      ·         This pump can be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for long distance.

      ·         Drive types: direct coupling drive(DC), V belt drive(CR, CV, ZV, CL), etc.

[3] Operating Limits

     ·         Outlet Diameter:25-450 mm(1--18 inches)

     ·         Flow: 200--1600 m3/h

     ·         Head:10--68 m

Type notation:

[4] Materials:

    ·       Metal:

Wear-resistant metal: A61, A05, A07, A11, A01

Anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive metal: A49, A33

Anti- abrasive metal: A22, A23, A25

Other optional metals or alloys: Duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, nickel cast iron, brass, bronze, etc.

    ·      Nonmetal:

Anti-corrosive, anti-corrosive rubber: natural rubber(R26, R24, R55......); Synthetic rubber(S01, S12, S21, S42......)


(Note: The materials could be changed according to the customer’s requirements. )

[5] Selection chart:

Note: Approximate clear water performance only for quick selection.

[6] Structure:

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