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[1] Description:

Series KVR pump is vertical, single-stage, end-suction, centrifugal pump.Series KVR non-clogging centrifugal pump is a new type, high-efficiency, energy-saving non-clogging pump made by our works based on the technology of German.The sizes of this series pump are from 80mm to 350mm in discharge. It has 11sizes and 2 types of installation; pit type and dry type both of which are nonsubmerged type of construction, and 11 kinds of bearing assembly assembly to be matched.

Typical Application

Series KVR pump is designed for delivering non-abrasive liquid-solids mixture with particles and long fibres such as sewage and effluent treatment in city and factory or mine enterprises, whole of food transportation(fruits, potatoes, fish, beet and corms in food industry) It is also widely suitable for chemical, iron & steel , paper, environment protection industries and other branches.


[2] Features:

     1) Series KVR pump has 2 types of impeller to be selected: 1”E” type impeller-standard, single-vane impeller; 2”E×” type impeller - passage -enlarged, single-vane impeller.Single-vane impeller features at wide passage,high efficiency,better non-clogging,strong winding resistance, and can delivery with no damage.

     2) Series KVR pump is back-disassembled construction, so the rotation parts of pump can be disassembled without dismantling suction&discharge pipes and casing , which simplifies maintenance.

     3) General stuffing shaft seal is adopted.

     4) The direct drive of elastic couplers is adopted.


[3] Operating Limits:                                                                  Type notation:   KVR  E  80 200

Inlet diameter: 80400mm                                                                  KVR: Type of pump

 Outlet diameter: 80350mm                                                               E: Type of impeller

Flow Capacity: 42500m3/h                                                                 80: Discharge size of pumpmm

Head : 550m                                                                                          200: Nominal dia.of impellermm


[4] Material

Pump casing:cast iron

Impeller:cast iron

Shaft:45# steel,stainless steel

The wet parts can be changed to below materials according to user’s requirement:


Wear-resistant metal: A61, A05, A07, A11, A01

Anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive metal: A49, A33

Anti- abrasive metal: A22, A23, A25

Other optional metals or alloys: Duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, nickel cast iron, brass, bronze, etc.



[5] Selection chart:

[6] Structure:

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