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[1] Description:
Type HH pump is heavy-duty single-stage single-suction high-head horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. This type of pump has larger volume and separated wear-resistant layer and bearing layer. It is suitable for transferring high head slurry at high pressure, mostly used for long distance transporting.

Typical Application:
      Iron, cooper or phosphorus mineral processing
      Cyclone feeding
      Removing ash in power plant
      Flue gas desphurization in power plant
      Flushing steel mill blast furnace cinder
      Removing ash in power plant
      Ball grinding mill ore discharging
      Other wear-resistant and anti-corrosive working conditions

[2] Features:
     High efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, interchangeability of parts; high head; energy saving.
     Replaceable wear-resistant metal liners, impellers&volute liners are made of wear-resistant metal(such as A05,A49,and other high chrome metal or rubber). The bearing layer and the wear-resistant layer can be separated.
     High efficiency impeller of large diameter and slow rotation speed ensures the pump with long wear parts using life and low operating cost.
     Bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, adjusting the space between impeller& front liner easily, being removed completely when being repaired. Grease lubrication.
     Shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. One pump also can be use packing seal with expeller seal together.
     The discharge outlet can be positioned to 8 directions at intervals of 45 degrees.
     This pump can be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for long distance.
     Drive types: direct coupling drive(DC), V belt drive(CR, CV, ZV, CL), etc.

[3] HH Pump Operating Limits:
      Outlet Diameter:25 to 150 mm (1--6 inches)
      Flow Capacity:3.6--900 m3/h
      Head:12--105 m

[4] Structure:



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